Nothing of Importance

I do many things. Many things that I enjoy. Maybe you enjoy some of the things that I enjoy as well. This is pleasing.


Hey hey here’s a new giveaway! This time there’s gonna be 5 winners!

The prizes are:

  • 7-11 Set
  • Campus Set
  • Zodiac Set
  • Flower Set
  • 10 villager pics of your choice (shown above)
  • 5 million bells
  • All Gold Tools (minus gold slingshot) + Mystery Bag + 2mil bells

*Floors, wallpapers, trees and other furniture that are not a part of the original set/prize are not included
*Message me if you’d like a list of the villager pics in order as shown

BUT here’s the catch:

  • First place gets to choose 5 different prizes
  • Second place gets to choose 4
  • Third places gets to choose 3
  • Fourth places gets to choose 2
  • Fifth place gets to choose 1 + 10 bonus hybrids of their choice

*Hybrids/flowers were not included in the above advertisement

This giveaway ends on… MAY 31st!! Yea, that seems long enough. You don’t have to be following me. Likes and reblogs count! Just make sure your ask box is open and you’re all set! Winners must respond 1 week after being contacted.

Good luuuuccckkk!!!

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Putting on makeup is such a spiritual experience I watch myself go from a 3 to a 9 right in front of my mirror I love it

no, if you are putting on makeup, I don’t care who you are or what you look like, you go from about a 10 to 1

keep talking shit you gonna go from a basic ass 2 to a 6-feet-under

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